A getaway to Zagreb

20 Dec A getaway to Zagreb

The Croatian Zagreb is the capital of the country but also one of the biggest cities in the Dalmatian Coast. Its historical centre is divided in a few famous areas that are really popular among visitors. We recommend you to discover the interesting places you will find in its streets. You will fall in love with this destination.

The Zagreb areas for a weekend getaway

Zagreb is divided in three big areas named Gornji Grad (High City), Donji Grad (Low city) and Kaptol. All of them own really interesting places to visit.

Gornji Grad: the highest part of the city has interesting places like the St. Mark Church or the Lotstcak Tower and the Stone Door, the Parliament, the City Museum or the Banal Yardas.

Donji Grad; it is the second interesting area you should visit during your stay. Here you will be able to find buildings like the National Croatian Theatre, the Green Horseshoe, the Botanical Garden, the Art Pavillion, the Archaeological Museum and the Mimara and Folk Museums among other popular places.

Your last stop has to do with the last top area in the city, Kaptol, the place where you will be able to find and visit the Cathedral, the Bishop Palace, the Green Market, St. Mary’s Church or the Ban Jelacic Square.

Other things you will be able to visit if you stay a little more

If you decide to stay a few more days, we recommend you to try the funicular called the Old Lady. Zagreb is a really special place. You will find places as different and unique as the Heartbroken Museum, made through the donations of particulars during their failed relationships. Well, you will see a bride’s dress…from her non wedding day.

The green areas are also important in the capital. Take a break and relax in the Maksimir park, the biggest one in the city and really near the Morogoj cemetery. If you have travelled through Europe you will know that these type of places are usually a place to share with the leisure times.